Here are my 3 recommendations for this week

  1. I just love ‘The Weeknd’. I’m generally a die-hard fan of music. I have listened to many artists all through these 20 years(not exactly). He is the best I ever came across. I know music is a personal thing. It’s about the way the artist makes you feel. So, I’m not gonna force it. But yeah, he is awesome. Try him out and thank me later.
  2. App — Spotistats
    It makes you excited about your music preferences. It’s cool.
  3. Book — Daring greatly
    Brene Brown is a fantastic author with fantastic books. Try her books out. They are engaging for the right reasons. (Now her books are available cheap on amazon too)
Stay vibing,

Originally published at https://subashrajan.substack.com on October 28, 2021.

Subash Rajan

Subash Rajan

A medical student from India. I write about my struggles and the resulting weird introspections.