The Urge To Prove Yourself Online

The real problem

A person getting a lot of notifications
Everyone likes me. I'm important.


Should I not use it at all?

Build a moat

  • From the very beginning, I was hyper-aware about my notifications and interruptions. They are crucial. Turn them all off. Except for the calls and normal text messages, my phone should keep its mouth shut.
  • I have unapologetically muted 90% of people’s stuff on my Instagram (100% on Whatsapp). I won’t be shown who is going where with whom yada yada. Nothing personal. I'm not afraid of missing out on anything that I have muted. I show no hesitation in deleting, blocking too.
    I don’t wanna know how little kids do viral shits on reels. I will be only shown meaningful expressions, valuable stuff, and yeah, memes. Sometimes I see the stories of people I had a recent chat with which is actually because of my inability to resist the temptation to click on that colorful shiny circle around people’s mirror selfies.
  • Understand that you are not merely connected to a bunch of people online, you are exposed. Block out anything that’s making you feel less of yourself. I mean it. Control the inputs, the outputs will take care of themselves.
  • Unfollow everyone that’s making you anxious. The need to follow all of your favorite actors and other celebrities for constantly following up without missing out is utter bullshit. I don’t understand why people get satisfied watching dumb people’s lives mindlessly.
  • The more you see the stuff of people that’s making you feel like shit and judge them, the more you feel isolated. Welcome to the land of loneliness.
  • Go check your Instagram activity time. Get shocked. And replace that time with something else.
  • Tune out, motherfuckers!


Mindless people
#cool_guys and #hot_girls
  1. What about keeping your #day_outs with yourself?
  2. What about stopping the undercurrent of imagination of one's own self-importance that makes you indulge in celebrity-like activities?
  3. What about in-person >calls>texts?(where you stay because they are ‘typing’ and end up not knowing who they are as a person even after an hour of conversation)
  4. What about being thoughtful?
  5. How about deeply being present wherever you go instead of spending the entire time re-aligning your story pic and thinking of a cool song to add?
  6. What about going places, doing stuff, enjoying what life has to offer, and not telling anybody?

A medical student from India. I write about my struggles and the resulting weird introspections.

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Subash Rajan

Subash Rajan

A medical student from India. I write about my struggles and the resulting weird introspections.

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